Barefoot Initiative

Barefoot initiative is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) that has grown out of the initiative of a group of three young Australians interested in the sustainable development of marginalised communities. Our name ‘Barefoot Initiative' is symbolic of our goal to work closely with communities at a ground level assisting them in realising their ideas for development.

We aim to use simple, sustainable technology and develop the projects with the community members involved so that they can maintain and further what has been done.

The use of money is direct and transparent. Our budgets are low and are used directly for materials, equipment, travel, accommodation and food while working in the country. These expenses are minimal as we carry out the projects while living with the communities incorporating as much as possible their life style. We pay our own airfares and receive no salary.

The work we carry out is not possible without the financial support of the community around us. We thank you all for putting your trust into our work.

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