Investing in education is investing in the future.


Barefoot Initiative believes that education is an important part of the future. The community in the Afar believes the same, and the students that we sponsor are very grateful for receiving a tertiary education. It provides them with tools and knowledge to serve their community. By supporting these students, you are doing a lot more than helping one person. The education that these students receive will not only benefit them and their families, but their entire communities.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

If you choose to sponsor a student, the students would love to correspond with you. Most of them are connected on email and Facebook while they live in Addis Ababa for their studies. Please contact us at: to request the contact details of a student that you are supporting, and we will connect you.

There are many different ways you can support. You can make a one-off payment, or a weekly or monthly direct debit payment to provide ongoing sponsorship to a student of your choice. Please mention the students name on your payment. 




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These students are compassionate brave young people, who have ventured out of the comfort of their homes and environment they know to develop themselves, and the futures of their families and communities. They are committed to achieving a higher eduction so that they can contribute to their communities when they graduate. We are proud to know them and to be able to assist them in their journeys

ishka humid ishka/current

Ishka is the chief of Yooren’s eldest child. He is one of 15 siblings. He was born in Malka Warrar, which is a small Afar town 30km from Yooren. His mother died when he was 16 years old from falling onto the firewood she was collecting while she was pregnant.

Ishka completed class 12 in September 2014. With our support he is studying a degree in Public Health and will graduate in September 2020. 

Being acutely aware of the health difficulties that are faced by his people Ishka hopes to be able to assist them when he has completed his studies. 


Ibraham is Ishka’s younger brother.

Ibraham graduated with a diploma in nursing in September 2014, and is now studying a Degree in Public Health. He will graduate in 2018. Ishka hopes to work within a clinical and educational capacity in the Afar region when he graduates.


Photo of Khamil & his family.jpg

Khamil is in his mid-twenties. He did his diploma in nursing at Samara university and then worked as a nurse in the Yooren health post for over 3 years. He is married and has 1 daughter. He feels that with just a diploma his knowledge and capacity is limited, especially for single post low resourced settings as he has experienced first-hand. He is looking forward to strengthen his health knowledge and hopes that with this opportunity he will be able to return to the Afar region as a more skilled health professional. Khamil is studying a degree in Public health. Khamil is also an exception to the current selection criteria as he was selected over a year ago but was unable to start studying immediately due to his family situation.


Gumati and Eysa

Gumati and Eysa

In September 2017 we welcomed two new female students into the Barefoot Initiative Scholarship Program.

Gumati Ibrahim is from Soloko Kebele, Amibara Woreda and is studying a Bachelor of Accounting and is scheduled to graduate in September 2020.

Eysa Esse Humad is from Warar town  and is also enrolled in a Bachelor of Accounting and will also graduate in September 2020. 

We reserved these two places specifically for female students, as we are strongly committed to supporting young Afar women who have completed year 12 to a higher education. 


Fatuma is also from Halidabi. She is a middle child of 10 siblings. Her father and seven of her siblings have died.

Fatuma graduated in September 2015 with a degree in Clinical Nursing. She is our first student to graduate from the program. With the tragedy and loss within her immediate family she is aware of the dire need for an improved health care system within her community. With her degree, she hopes to contribute towards this. Fatuma is currently working to improve child and maternal health in one of the 2 Government Hospitals in the Afar region. 

ABDO ABAHABa ali/graduated

Abdo was born in the Afar community of Halidabi. Halidabi is 20km north of Yooren. Abdo is the youngest of six siblings. His parents and siblings are based in Halidabi.

Abdo graduated with a degree in Public health in 2017, with the highest score for his year he recieved an academic certificate of excellence. Abdo is now juggling two jobs, one as a Health Science lecturer at a university in the Afar region, and the other as a program manager for a local NGO. In addition, Abdo is in the process of registering his own NGO and is a strong volunteers and supports Barefoot Initiative by supporting and orientation new students that we welcome into the scholarship program. 


Musser is from Halidabi, but unfortunately both his parents have died. He is the middle child of 9 siblings. Sadly four of his siblings have also died.

Musser feels that health education is essential to tackle some of the challenges that are faced within the Afar region. He recognizes that there are few Afars with a Degree in Public Health, and therefore he hopes to assist within this field to have a positive impact on his community.

Musser graduated with a Degree in Public health in September 2017. He now works as a public health officer in the Government Health Center in Warar town, which is approximately 30 kilometers from the Yooren Community, which is where his family are based. He is now married and has 1 child.

Mohammed sedean/current

Photo of Mohammed option 2.jpg

Mohammed is from Buri, which is 10 km from Yooren. He has 4 sisters, of whom 1 has died and 4 brothers. He completed year 12 in September 2016. His father works as a farm labourer for an investor and his mother is a pastoralist. His dream for the future is to have an education in health so that he can work and assist his community. Mohammed is studying a degree in public health.

ABDO MOHAMED/gratuated

Abdo was born in Halidabi, which is where his family are from. He has 8 sisters and 2 brothers. His mother is still alive, but his father died when he was younger.

When Abod was 16 he moved to Yooren where he was married and had two small children. His son died from suspected pneumonia and soon after his wife, second child and 14 year old sister died tragically in a cholera outbreak. Since Abdo has remarried.

Abdo graduated in September 2016 with a Degree in Clinical Nursing. He now lives in the Afar region and is working with a local NGO to improve the health and livelihood of his community. Abdo is excited to use his knowledge to prevent avoidable diseases, and to educate his community about primary health care so that other families do not have to suffer as he has done.

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