A message from our students

With Christmas so close, our 5 dedicated students Abdu, Abdo, Ebrahim, Musser and Eshak have each written a message to all of Barefoot Initiative's supporters for providing them with the opportunity to study. In the students own words they wrote:

Initially we were scared moving from our small communities in the Afar to the Ethiopian capital to attend college. With the knowledge and skills we are learning we are no longer scared. We have hope and feel so lucky to be in a position where we can return to our community to help them develop and improve their way of life. We are so grateful for all the generous support we are receiving from each and every one of you.

Supporting our students is a wonderful Christmas gift. Lets keep the hope alive and make dreams come true and support communities to lead their own development. follow the link for details on how you can support our students as a Christmas gift idea.