Interview Between Abdo-19th May 2017

Abdo on the day he graduated with a diploma in nursing which was supported through our scholarship program

One of the things that we at Barefoot Initiative value the most about our work are the relationships we have formed with the community we are working alongside. Abdo is currently studying a Bachelor of Public Health through our Student Scholarship Program. We thought that our supporters would love to hear more about our students, and what drives them to become their own change makers! Abdo has shared some more with us about himself, his dreams and his aspirations after study.

BF: What was your dream for your future when you were a child?

Abdo: I have no answer, because I did not have a dream when I was child.

BF: What do you think will make the world a better place?

Abdo: I think if we are optimistic and free from discrimination, racism and if we respect each other in the world.

BF: What was the happiest moment in your life?

Abdo: My happiest moment of my life is I had a generous father and I have a good mother, each of them have good relationships with other people, all people like them. I grew up free. I acquired a good personality from them. I am an honest person, I am sociable and I am not talkative. I have the capacity to do anything I have planned. All these things make me happy.

BF: What has been the most challenging?

Abdo: I learnt grade 1 to grade 8 in a rural area. The biggest challenge was for me learning in a rural area because there is no electricity, no library and no road. In general nothing is there. I faced challenges when I did not get a good result from grade 10, because you are not allowed to start grade 11 unless you get good result. You can imagine grade 1 up to grade 8 learning in that place, and I was still scoring a high level.

BF: What gives you hope when you struggle?

Abdo: When I struggle, I know I will do it. And most of the time, if I have full intention to do that thing, I definitely will do it based on my own capacity. I make myself believe I can do anything, like any other person.

BF: What do you believe Afar culture can share with the rest of the world?

Abdo: Afar culture is welcoming for the rest of world. As you know in Afar culture if you do not know someone and find him as a stranger, then you will take him to your home and help him, even if you did not know him before.

BF: What is the best part of study?

Abdo: The best part of study is it gives you hope, confidence, knowledge and you know at the end of study you will start work.

BF: What is the hardest part of study?

Abdo: The hardest part of study is it needs hard work. You need time to read and also have a lot of stress. You are also competing with other students.

BF: What do you want to achieve with your degree in Public Health?

Abdo: I will have a job and I will give my service to the Afar community. I also have a plan to establish a local NGO (Non-Government Organisation) and if I get funding I will work in multiple ways on development for the Afar pastoralist community. We would like to thank Abdo for his time talking with us. We are constantly inspired by your determination to achieve and your dedication to the Afar people. To all our supporters, we thank you! We are ever grateful to those who continue to give so generously towards the Barefoot Initiative projects, enabling initiatives such as the Scholarship Program to succeed!

Keep an eye out for more chats with our students.